Carpet Chair Mats

Carpet Chair Mats

Available in glass, polycarbonate, enhanced polymer and PVC, we have an extensive range of chair mats for all carpet types. Whether your carpet pile is very low, standard or plush, at Mat Stores we have the perfect chair mat to suit your application and frequency of use.

Our gripper back chair mats for carpeted floors have been precisely designed to effectively grip to the carpet and keep the chair mat in place. The studs on the underside of the mat are designed to the optimum length without being too long that they damage the carpet and padding.

PVC (vinyl) chair mats provide an excellent value solution for protecting very low pile carpets and carpet tiles (up to 1/4" thick, including padding) and are great for light use.

Enhanced Polymer chair mats offer the most durable environmentally friendly carpet protection solution. Manufactured using up to 25% recycled polycarbonate and with a rigid surface, this chair mat offers superior carpet protection for low and standard pile carpets (up to 3/8" thick, including padding).

Polycarbonate is the toughest, most durable and reliable chair mat material. Polycarbonate chair mats provide the ultimate protection for low, standard and medium pile carpets (up to 1/2" thick). Polycarbonate is the best plastic chair mat material and is excellent for frequent use.

Our Glacier Mats and Mega Mats are the ultimate solution for heavy-duty usage and plush pile carpets (over 1/2" thick). The thickness in material of both mats means they will not sink into any pile carpet and in many cases need never be replaced. Designed with a smooth back they are also suitable for hard floors as well as all carpet thicknesses.