Chair Mat Chooser

Step 1. Floor Type 

 Hard Floor    Carpet
Hard Floor   Carpet
 You will need a smooth back chair mat    Different carpet pile types will determine the chair mat you require. Take the pin test below to identify your carpet pile type


Step 2. Identify Your Carpet Pile Type

Skip this step if you have a hard floor.

1. Straighten out the end of a paper clip   2. Push the straight end of the paperclip through the carpet and padding/underlay until it touches the floor   3. Hold the paper clip where it meets the top of the carpet and measure the distance
Straighten out paperclip   carpet-measurement.jpg   ruler-deep.png


 4.  Use the icons below to choose your perfect chair mat 

 1-4.png  3-8.png  1-2.png  over-1-2.png

 For low pile carpets 
1/4" thick or less

 For standard pile carpets
3/8" thick or less

 For low - medium pile carpets 
1/2" thick or less

For plush pile carpets
over 1/2" thick 


Step 3. Chair Mat Shape

Choose your preferred chair mat shape.

rectangle.png square-lipped.png
Rectangle Lipped

Please contact us should you require an alternative shape.


Match your chair mat to your work space.

 desk2-1.jpg  u-shaped-workstation.jpg  corner-workstation.jpg  l-shaped-workstation.jpg  u-shaped-workstation.jpg
Desk/Table   U-Shaped Workstation  Desk and Credenza L-Shaped Workstation   Corner Workstation


Step 4. Chair Mat Size

Our chair mats are available in various sizes. Our most popular size is 36" x 48".


Step 5. Material Type

Select the chair mat material type.




Phthalate Free PVC

Enhanced Polymer


Huge product benefits outweigh the small premium price

Exceptional value ortho-phthalate free formulation

Excellent value for the top performing environmentally friendly chair mat 
Long Term Durability  *****

Exceptionally durable. Used to make bullet-proof glazing!


Affected by temperature and weight

Exceptionally durable. The toughest Eco chair mat available



Transparent but can "yellow" with extended exposure to direct sunlight


High clarity

Ergonomic Properties

Natural rigidity helps chairs glide over surface


Dependant on the thickness of the mat


Good rigidity



Manufactured to ISO 14001 standards. Up to 25% recycled material and 100% recyclable


Manufactured to ISO 14001 standards. Free of ortho-phthalates. The most consumer and environmentally friendly PVC chair mat on the market


Certified to ISO 14001. Up to 50% recycled polycarbonate and 100% recyclable. The most durable eco friendly chair mat

Fire Resistance    *****

Complies to EN13501-1. Not easily ignitable

Self-extinguishing but will emit dangerous toxic gasses. Not easily ignitable


Complies to EN13501-1. Not easily ignitable

Gas Emissions  *****

Max gas emissions of only 3.8 ortho/m³
Max limit allowed – 350 g/m³


Reduced emissions compared to std PVC due to removal of phthalate content. Emissions range between 400-600 ug/m³

Max gas emissions of only 8.4 ug/m³. Max limit allowed – 350 g/m³

Temperatures *****

Service temperature -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F). Unaffected by changing temperatures. Odourless

Service temperature -5°C to 40°C. (23°F to 104°F). Will crack in the cold.
Will emit more odour in heat

Service temperature -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F). Unaffected by changing temperatures. Odourless

Floor Heating Systems 


Not compatible


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