Hometex Biosafe Anti-Microbial Round PVC Table Mats | Pack of 2 | Circular | Size 12" Diameter

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  • Hometex Biosafe Anti-Microbial PVC Round Table Protector Mats - Pack of 2
  • Hometex Biosafe Anti-Microbial PVC Round Surface Protector Mats - Pack of 2
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Hometex Biosafe mats are perfect to use around the home. They provide a barrier to keep your tables clean, and protect them from scratches, scuffs, dirt and spillages. With an Anti-Microbial ingredient that works for the lifetime of the mat to protect it from microbial deterioration.

Keeps surfaces clean and protected from damage. Heat resistant to 140° F.

Each mat has an Anti-Microbial ingredient built-in to protect the mat from microbial deterioration. Tested in accordance with the International ISO22196 standard.

Free from phthalate plasticizers (which are banned from children's toys and medical instruments) giving you peace of mind that our PVC mats are even safer to use.

Manufactured using 25% renewable energy from wind and solar power and contains up to 25% recycled material.

Pack of 2 circular mats - each with a 12"" diameter

Smooth back finish. Suitable for use on most table surfaces. Not recommended for lacquered or polished wood.

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Anti-Microbial Phthalate-Free PVC
Fresh Mist
Hometex Biosafe
1 Year Limited Warranty
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