DISCONTINUED Desktex Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Desk Protector Mats | Pack of 2 | Super-Strong Polycarbonate | Rectangular | Multiple Sizes

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  • Desktex Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Desk Protector Mats - Pack of 2
  • Desktex Polycarbonate Rectangular Anti-Slip Desk Mats - Pack of 2
  • Desktex Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Computer Desk Mats - Pack of 2
  • Desktex Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Desk Protection Pads - Pack of 2
  • Desktex Desk Mat Product Information
$39.90 - $41.90


Pack of 2 Desktex Polycarbonate Desk Protector Mats offer the best surface protection! Manufactured from super-strong polycarbonate (also used in the manufacture of aircraft windscreens and bulletproof glass) to provide long lasting, clear protection against damage and wear.

Polycarbonate desk mats have a flat, rigid surface and will not curl, crack dimple or discolor. The lightly embossed top surface of the mat ensures easy glide mouse movement and a smooth writing surface. Also heat resistant to 100⁰C / 212⁰F to protect against hot mugs and electrical equipment. An extremely durable desk mat to protect surfaces from scratches, scuffs, spills and wear.

UNBEATABLE SURFACE PROTECTION - Made from Floortex polycarbonate for an incredibly strong, rigid desk mat that protects your desk or table from dents, abrasions, spills, heat and scuffs.

DURABLE - Polycarbonate is an incredibly durable and rigid material - also used to manufacture airplane windows - It lies and stays flat and will not crack, curl, dent or discolour under normal use.

HEAT RESISTANT - Protects against damage from hot temperatures up to 100⁰C / 212⁰F. This desk mat is a must-have for laptop users and protects furniture against hot drinks and heat generated from electrical equipment.

ECO FRIENDLY - Manufactured in the state-of-the-art Floortex facility which obtains 25% of its energy requirements from renewable sources. Recyclable after use.

CLEAR VERSATILE DESK MAT - Lightweight, with a slim profile for easy storage when not in use. Clear polycarbonate complements all interiors, suitable for multiple uses around the home and office.


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Polycarbonate with Anti-Slip Backing
1 Year Limited Warranty
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