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Christmas Tree Stand Floor Protector Mat | Rigid Polycarbonate Festive Hardwood Floor Protector Mat for Under Christmas Trees | Waterproof Christmas Tree Mat | Bright Blue | Nonagon Shape | 38” x 39”

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  • Waterproof Christmas tree stand mat
  • Christmas tree mat for floors
  • Christmas tree pad
  • Christmas tree stand mat
  • Under Christmas tree pad for hardwood flooring
  • Floor protector for under Christmas tree stands
  • Christmas tree rug


Floortex Christmas tree floor protector mat is the ultimate under tree pad for protecting hardwood floors from damage, indentations, scratches and scuffs caused by Christmas tree stands, planters, pots, presents and decorations during the festive season.

Unlike many Christmas tree rugs and trays, this under tree protector is made from 100% pure polycarbonate, rather than fabric. The mat has a flat rigid surface for your beautiful Christmas tree to stand on safely, whilst preventing tree planters and stands from leaving indentations and marks on expensive flooring. This Christmas tree floor protector will not curl, bend, sink, indent, cup, crack or discolor in normal use. Spilled water and overfilled planters will not seep through the polycarbonate mat, making this a completely waterproof Christmas tree mat.

With a unique nonagon shape, this protective under Christmas tree mat is the ideal size to catch falling pine needles, glitter, soil and other debris from your Christmas tree. Ideal for use with both real Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees. This festive floor protector can be used on its own or makes an excellent base for under Christmas tree skirts, where it’s the perfect Xmas accessory.

Incredibly durable, this Christmas tree stand mat is shipped flat, remains flat and will last for many years. The low-profile floor protector slides away easily for storage, or can be used for floor protection in other areas around the home. This waterproof Christmas tree mat is easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent or hoover.

This attractive Christmas tree floor protector has a vibrant bright blue tinted color and is suitable for use on all hard flooring including hardwood, tile, laminate, stone, parquet and concrete.

HEAVY DUTY CHRISTMAS TREE FLOOR PROTECTOR – Made from rigid polycarbonate, this flat Christmas tree pad protects hardwood floors from scratches, scuffs, marks and indentations caused by Christmas tree stands, pots and planters.

WATERPROOF CHRISTMAS TREE MAT – Excellent for use with live Christmas trees, this Christmas tree floor protector has plastic surface so spilled water, overfilled trays and dirt will not seep through and stain or damage your flooring. Spills simply wipe away.

CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRT ACCESSORY – Perfect for use under Christmas tree skirts, to provide an even and stable base for your Christmas tree. The tree mat’s vibrant blue tint will complement your beautiful Christmas decorations and enhance your Christmas tree.

EASY CLEAN UNDER TREE MAT – Dropped pine needles, soil, dirt and glitter easily clean off the mat to prevent staining and damage to hard flooring. Simply wipe the mat with warm water and mild detergent or vacuum.

LONG-LASTING CHRISTMAS TREE MAT – Polycarbonate is the most durable plastic material. This Christmas tree floor protector will provide many years of effective protection. The solid surface will not curl, bend, sink, indent, cup or crack. An essential accessory for the Christmas season.

ECO-FRIENDLY MAT – Manufactured in the Floortex UK facility which uses 25% renewable energy from wind and solar power. Floortex Polycarbonate is free from toxins, phthalates and is fully recyclable.

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Additional Information

Hard Floors and Very Low Pile Carpets
Cobalt Blue
2 Years Limited Warranty
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