AFS-TEX System 5000 | Anti-Fatigue Mat Ergonomically Designed For Use With Standing Desks | Midnight Black | Size 26" x 36"

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  • AFS-TEX System 3000 Black Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • AFS-TEX System 3000 Black Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • AFS-TEX System 3000 Black Anti-Fatigue Mat for Use With Standing Desks
  • AFS-TEX System 3000 Black Anti-Fatigue Floor Comfort Mat
  • AFS-TEX System Anti-Fatigue Product Options

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AFS-TEX System 5000 Anti-fatigue mat - designed for use with standing desks. Designed specifically to relieve strain caused by prolonged standing while working in the home or office.

More than just an anti-fatigue mat – The surface of the AFS-TEX System 5000 contains massage pods to stimulate pressure points on the feet.

Raised ergonomic surround and central ‘ergo bar’ – allows rocking and stretching of feet, which can stimulate blood flow to reduce fatigue.

Movement triggers are built into the surface of the mat – designed as a visual cue to encourage movement.

Contains an Anti-Microbial ingredient – protects the mat from microbial deterioration, a preferred option for barefoot workers.

Cushioned and supportive standing surface - reduces the strain on feet, legs, knees and back joints that can be caused by prolonged standing.

The ultimate ergonomic solution for comfort and productivity at your standing desk. AFS-Tex System 5000 has an anti-slip base, is non-toxic and suitable for use around children or pets.

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Additional Information

Carpets and Hard Floors
Midnight Black
1 Year Limited Warranty
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